Women’s History Month Profile– Angie Grove, EMT at Silver Spring Community Fire Company

Angie Grove was working as an EMT at Silver Spring EMS when she met her future husband, a volunteer at Silver Spring Community Fire Company. After becoming engaged in 2002, Grove officially joined the fire company as a volunteer EMT. 

As an EMT, Grove responds to emergency medical calls with the fire company, administers prehospital medical care and helps facilitate the transfer from the incident scene to the hospital. Grove also lends a hand in the administrative tasks around the firehouse, helping with fundraisers, community service events, public relations and more. The best part about volunteering for Grove is knowing that she made a difference. 

“You never know what is going on in someone’s life, and if you were in need, you would want someone to be there. Whether you just put a smile on a kid’s face because you handed them a plastic helmet or gave them a stuffed animal at an emergency scene, you’re making a difference,” said Grove.

In addition to volunteering with the fire company, Grove juggles a full-time job and motherhood, which fuels her desire to make a difference in the community. Grove encourages other women who want to make a positive impact to consider volunteering with the fire company, whether it’s as a firefighter, EMT or administrative member.\

“Every little bit counts. Maybe you’re not one to go into the burning building or respond to a medical emergency, but maybe you’re really great at paperwork or attention to detail. The firehouse needs help in so many aspects, and having fresh ideas is great,” said Grove.

The Silver Spring Community Fire Company is one of 21 fire companies included in the Capital Region Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign. If you want to serve your community and make a difference, there’s likely a nearby fire company and a position for you based on your interest, skills and availability. All training and gear are provided at no cost.

To learn more about how you can volunteer with your local fire company, visit www.CapitalRegionFirefighter.org.