Volunteer Spotlight– Jason Smith, Lieutenant at Silver Spring Community Fire Company

New Year’s resolutions bring hope that the year ahead will ring in positive changes and exciting new experiences. What better way to make a difference in 2024 than volunteering with your local fire company? The 21 fire companies included in the Capital Region Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign require no experience and offer free training and gear to those interested in making a difference in the community. 

Jason Smith, Volunteer Firefighter at Silver Spring Community Fire Company
Jason Smith always sought career paths and opportunities where he could help others. In addition to joining the military straight out of high school and spending 13 years in law enforcement, Jason has been volunteering for 33 years as a firefighter and EMT, with six years at Silver Spring Community Fire Company. 

“There’s a lot of things that I enjoy about volunteering, but everything always comes back to making a difference. There are so many facets of the fire service where we have the opportunity to do that,” said Jason. “Whether it is out on the incident scene helping someone or training new members, watching them succeed and achieve personal satisfaction, you’re making a difference.”

The most pervasive parallel Jason has observed between the military and fire service is the camaraderie and the rank structure, but he describes the volunteer fire service structure as more fluid and familial. 

“There is a pride that comes with seeing people I know challenging themselves. That’s part of where the similarity to the military gets me. We do it for the person standing next to us,” said Jason.

Jason firmly believes that each and every person who steps through the doors of the firehouse is making a positive impact on the community and its residents. He describes his fellow volunteers at Silver Spring Community Fire Company as quiet professionals who don’t require any sort of accolades or recognition. He encourages those who want to make a difference to consider volunteering.

“The fire service still remains the one career path, volunteer or professional, where you don’t need any special background or unique abilities to join,” said Jason.

How to Join Your Local Fire Company in 2024
The Silver Spring Community Fire Company is one of 21 fire companies included in the Capital Region Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign. The Capital Region fire companies offer roles for firefighters, EMTs, junior firefighters, fire police and administrative volunteers. If you want to serve your community and make a difference, there’s likely a nearby fire company and a position for you based on your interest, skills and availability.  To learn more and sign up to volunteer with your local fire co