Volunteer Spotlight: Anthony Christiana

First-Generation Firefighter Shares His Unique Volunteer Perspective

Building inspector for East Pennsboro Township by day, interior firefighter for Northeast Fire and Rescue by night. 

“Why not?” is what Anthony Christiana asked himself when the opportunity to become a volunteer firefighter presented itself back in 2020.

“I was handed a pamphlet with information on the volunteer process and I just decided to give it a go,” said Anthony, a senior interior firefighter.

Anthony uses his vast knowledge of structures in a unique fashion. He will show up to a burning building, put out the fire, find the cause of it, and then use that knowledge at his career when inspecting buildings the following day. 

As a first-generation volunteer for Northeast Fire and Rescue, one of 21 fire companies in the Capital Region Firefighter Campaign, he believes that this experience is enriching his life. 

“Volunteering is something that makes me feel good about myself. I’m helping others while helping myself at the same time,” he said.

Other than the volunteer role itself, Anthony believes that the comradery and leadership at the Northeast Fire and Rescue Company make it that much better. 

“I am a part of a great company that holds people to a high standard. The leadership in our company also holds themselves to that same standard,” stressed Anthony.

“I envision myself staying here as long as they’ll have me. I am looking to serve my time and move up the ranks as much as I can,” added Anthony.

For those on the fence about getting started as a volunteer firefighter, Christiana recommends just going for it. He believes that there are plenty of diverse roles that are suitable for anyone interested in making a difference in their community.

To learn more about how you can volunteer with your local fire company, visit www.CapitalRegionFirefighter.org.