South Hanover Fire Company 47 daughter volunteers with her ‘hero’ father

“My dad is my hero and my role model.”

These are the words of Laurel Musser, who along with her dad, Jason Musser, volunteers with Union Deposit Volunteer/South Hanover Fire Company 47.

Jason joined the fire service in 2005, rose in rank and was voted fire chief in 2013. One year later, 14-year-old Laurel joined as a junior firefighter. Laurel says that her dad has always been supportive of her through her time as a volunteer firefighter — she was cleared to be an interior firefighter in 2019 — as well as outside of firefighting.

“He’s supported me through my fire journey and has pushed me to be a better person and a better firefighter. He’s given me the strength to persevere. He’s my everything, and I love him more than anything.”

The dad and daughter duo are pictured below in a 2014 photo, the year Laurel became a junior firefighter.

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