Second-generation firefighter follows passion to help others

Jason Spitler Jr. was inspired to become a firefighter for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve always taken after my father, a first-generation firefighter,” he said. “Just growing up into it and always being around it influenced my passion for the service.”

Jason became certified in Firefighter I in 2022 and has been volunteering for about one year with Rescue Fire Company 37, a Capital Region Fire company in Dauphin County. He looks back fondly at the hard work and dedication he’s put in to become certified, but the lessons aren’t finished yet. He’s recently taken an enjoyment in gaining more fire apparatus experience and expertise.

“It was hard work and a really good learning experience,” he said. “I’m still learning something every day.”

Helping to protect his community and seeing how people come together for others in times of trouble is one of the more satisfying aspects of being in the fire service for Jason.

“Seeing the people that you help every day keep going strong and strive forward even after disaster is special,” he said.

With the opportunity to be there for someone on their worst day, firefighting helps forge bonds and build brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. Jason followed that opportunity and perhaps there are others who will find their passion through firefighting.

“Don’t get scared away from what you think is right and following that passion to help others in need,” he said.

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