Mother-Daughter Duo Share Passion for Serving Their Community as Volunteer Firefighters

Mindy Hope always loved the idea of becoming a volunteer firefighter, but did not have the time to pursue it. It wasn’t until her daughter, Grace, wanted to join that she decided to give it a try. 

“It is truly incredible to serve alongside my mom. What she has always provided to me growing up, I now see her providing to others. I have learned so much from her about service and compassion. I watch her give tirelessly at home and on the fireground. The fire service has been an avenue to deepen our friendship and service together,” said Grace. 

Growing up, Grace was inspired by her family’s connection to service. She watched her grandfather, an active volunteer firefighter of 43 years and her hero, serve his community, as well as her grandmother, who was a police officer for 34 years. 

“I come from a family of service, and I enjoy and find purpose in serving others. Providing assistance to others and knowing that we can help in some small way is very rewarding,” said Grace. 

The mother-daughter duo are now entering their eighth year as volunteers with the Rescue Fire Company. 

“It has been great to train and serve with my daughter in this capacity,” said Mindy. “When people face emergencies, it can be difficult in so many ways. Volunteering allows me and my daughter to be of benefit to someone in need, whether it is assisting after a car accident or working with a team of firefighters to put out a fire.”

Mindy encourages other women in the community to consider giving back as volunteers, and offers them one crucial piece of advice.

“Do your best and always go the extra mile. Your job performance and integrity as a firefighter or in anything you do speaks mountains about who you are,” said Mindy. “You can’t choose what people will say about you, but leave no doubt about who you are by your work ethic and your standards. Allow your work and character to speak for you.”

The Rescue Fire Company is one of 21 fire companies included in the Capital Region Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign. If you want to serve your community and make a difference, there’s likely a nearby fire company and a position for you based on your interest, skills and availability. All training and gear are provided at no cost.

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